Tape recorder, computer, microphones, solenoids

Silent Memory Loom is an installation canceling noise, isolating and revealing the original acoustic ambience of a room. It is a work about absence and resonance.
Short moments of near-silence which happen in the dying moments of a sound are recorded onto a half-hour tape loop. Within a noisy environment these decaying sounds reveal the ambience and acoustic characteristics of a space. By gradually collaging these near-silences, we create situation similar to a weaving loom, or a long-exposure photograph; a patchwork of overlapping room ambiences is created, removing ephemeral events from our perception.
Over the duration of the exhibition, there is an accumulation of these sound fragments.
Through headphones, a listener can listen to this process, hearing their present environment with a layer of acoustic removal.

Silent Memory Loom - I

Silent Memory Loom - II

Silent Memory Loom - III