Jamie Hamilton

Composer & Sound Artist


Three Fragments, November (2022)

Collaborative EP with Phaedra Ensemble, Mira Calix, Bishi Bhattacharya & Love Ssega

For string trio, french horn, and audio diaries

Three sonic portraits of Bishi Bhattacharya, Mira Calix and Love Ssega have been created for this new EP using audio diaries and other soundbites from the artists’ daily lives. Phaedra Ensemble have interpreted and instrumentalised these recordings in their own idiosyncratic ways before blending and fusing the resulting recordings with the original soundbites to produce an inimitable collage reflecting the personalities of each artist.  

Download Link (October House Records)

3 Fragments, November was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and was commissioned by October House Records.